Our Style

Today communication is the most effective and coolest lever to win the competitiveness challenge.

For this reason, the group of people that today lives Mohma has been between the first ones in Italy to innovate communication and marketing, introducing, since 1994, atipical strategies and particular communication tools.

AdverMarketing e Comunicazione 2.0

MOHMA, starting from this experience, plans, makes and manages full-service communication strategies and campaigns, using a mix of skills and innovative tools, acting both online and offline, with the only aim of conquering and loyalizing the consumers and, at the same time, keeping our clients investments low and effective.

Our types of services

On the one hand, MOHMA goes to the events or to particular communication “products” in order to sensitize and involve trendsetters, influencers and priority targets; on the other hand takes advantage of the whole potential related to the new media and the social networks.

MOHMA offers the following services:

Media Planning
Online Communication
Video Viral