Opinions, statements and impressions of the Twitter event for the museums of the whole globe

The #Museumweek is an initiative born in Paris almost for fun in 2014, that had a great success already from its second edition, claiming more than 2500 structures in the most different Earth’s corner, with stats of more than 179K tweet and 420K retweet.

But what’s exactly?

From the 28th of March to the 3rd of May, the museums, the art galleries and, in general, all the cultural-artistic bodies, have decided to post with the mentioned hashtag the photos of their art works in order to stimulate the discovery and the deepening of the priceless cultural human heritage.

This year edition involved something like 3500 museums in almost 70 countries, that generated an incredible attraction, with amazing numbers: almost 150K tweet and 500K retweet. Between the major exponents who took part of the moviment this year stand out names such us the Lovre, the Tate and British of London, the Prado, the Hermitage of San Petersburg and the Guggenheim and the MET in New York.

In Italy have been photographed masterpieces belonging to the MAXXI and to the GNAM of, Rome, to the MADRE of Naples, to the Egyptian Museum of Torino, to the MART of Rovereto and many others. For what regards the theme, they gave free power to creativity and imagination. Besides the classic ones as the heritage protection, the development and the accessibility, there have been usually more difficult shots to do , as the ones related to the interdicted areas of the structures, the renovation areas or, more simply, those who portray the staff everyday life. The launched hashtags have been 7, one for each weekday with a different topic and content selected by the audience: #secret, #people, #architecture, #heritage, #future, #zoom, #love.

It is true indeed that if this initiative has been an occasion of exchange and meeting between passionated, area workers, curious and professional critics, it’s the same way true that this enormous media flow could have been conveyed a little better, trying to be less self-referential and unilateral in the messages, in the contents and trying to be more cautious to a feedback analysis that gets complicated when (given the huge use of the platform with this tags) you don’t have the physical time to focus on just one tweet.

For example, it could have been given more attention to the priority of the web, to a networking between the involved actors, trying to bound and to reproduce virtual and physical conversation spaces that could stimulate the information, the opinion exchange, the normal reciprocal enrichment following to a certain level conversation. However the #MuseumWeek remains a really interesting event to follow as much as possible, one of the biggest global sharing culture attempts ever realize, valued from experts and not and destined, with certainty, to find new forms and expression modes in the future years.