There are several types and styles of businesses around the world. Between them are also the ‘lucky ones’, that is, those who rely and depend only on someone skills and talent. If you are running or going to start an entrepreneurial initiative that owes its outputs mainly to your personal gift, than keep reading.

If we analize business realities such us Valentino or Tom Ford, like many other located in the fashion area, than what really stands out is that they spin around just one person.

Setting your business in this way should not necessary involve a CEO diva image neither a stakhanovite work‐style that results in stress and exhaustion but, rather, should bring to you more awareness of your potential and to the possibility to foster your talent in order to be more practical, effective and socially sustainable.

The following are two main tips to manage your business in a “fashion house” style.

  • Make the most out of your skillset: if your talent constitutes the core than you should build your business around it. You should focus to what is concerning directly your abilities because it is only you that can carry out those tasks. You don’t have to delegate work to others if you are the only who is qualified to accomplish it. In the same way, you have to be honest and humble and understand in which fields you’re not too good at and team up with people possessing different skills. A good startup consists of multiple people with diverse background, abilities, skills and talent: this will enlarge your views and will make you see a problem from several perspectives. If you have a furnishing app development shop and you had the idea, hire finishers who can make your initiative an outstanding product.
  • Stay healty: if everyone is relying on you, if every single part of your business survival depends on your talent, than you must care of yourself. The world is filled with CEOs and managers who put always their business at the top of their life pyramid, who neglect essential needs and end up overwhelmed and stressed. If you’re the sun, that you have to stay healty, active, present, focused otherwise your business will soffer. Exercise, sleep, dedicate some time to your family, because these things are all equal parts of your life and deserve respect and time. With this fashion house model your staff will trust your leadership and will be reciprocally happier and healtier if their landmark is shiny.